Claire Moxon-Waltz

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I am not a professional biologist, but I have been passionate about observing nature for most of my life. I participate in Bumble Bee Watch, BAMONA, and a provincial bird watching FB group. I'm also a member of a fly identification group and will work on fly identifications based on information that we review in our weekly fly ID meetings.

I am especially interested in birds, bees, moths and small mammals. I am also interested in other types of insects, spiders, amphibians, and reptiles. I have good plant knowledge and am an avid gardener. I have a Master's degree in molecular biology, which doesn't help me ID species, but it contributes to my overall curiosity and passion for life science.

I also try to help identify "unknown" observations on iNat into the appropriate Class or Family to try to funnel them toward the right identifiers who are experts in specific areas. That includes taking observations that are "unknown" into broad categories like "fungi" or "plants."

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