6-28-19 MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Species List and Summary

Today we are in MN for my cousin's wedding, which inevitably also turned into a birding trip. We decided to go to the NWR for the best chance to see water birds. Unfortunately, we didn't see many water birds, but we saw some others! We arrived at 10:30 AM and it was as humid and warm as ever, and it only got warmer as the day grew on. Almost the entire walk was in the woods, but it was still sweltering. We came across 2 White-Tailed Deer that weren't that scared of us, but were still very secretive. One of the first birds we saw was a beautiful male Indigo Bunting. It was in a tree that was visible from the refuge overlook. This is our entire list from the day:
3 Turkey Vultures
1 Red-Tailed Hawk
1 Red-Bellied Woodpecker
2 Downy Woodpeckers
1 Blue Jay
1 White-Breasted Nuthatch
1 House Wren
3 American Robins
8 Brown-Headed Cowbirds
2 Common Grackles
3 Indigo Buntings
9 House Sparrows
If I am ever in MN, I will definitely stop here again. I loved every minute of this trip.
Gracie McMahon

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