Viola Shorthand for Wilhelm & Rericha (2017) to Ballard et al. (2023)

Wilhelm & Rericha (2017) -> Ballard et al. (2023) ([X] = not in CR in Ballard et al. (2023))
Viola affinis Leconte -> Viola affinis Leconte
Viola arvensis Murray -> Viola arvensis Murray
Viola blanda var. palustriformis A. Gray -> Viola incognita Brainerd
Viola × brauniae Cooperr. -> Viola × brauniae Cooperr. (Viola rostrata Muhl. ex Pursh × Viola striata Aiton)
Viola canadensis L. var. canadensis -> Viola canadensis L. sensu stricto
Viola canadensis L. var. rugulosa (Greene) C. L. Hitchc. -> Viola rugulosa Greene
Viola cucullata Aiton -> Viola cucullata Aiton
Viola × eclipes H. E. Ballard -> Viola × eclipes H. E. Ballard (Viola labradorica Schrank × Viola striata Aiton)
Viola labradorica Schrank -> Viola labradorica Schrank
Viola lanceolata L. var. lanceolata -> Viola lanceolata L.
Viola lanceolata L. var. vittata (Greene) Weath & Griscom -> Viola vittata Greene [X]
Viola × malteana House -> Viola × malteana House
Viola missouriensis Greene -> Viola missouriensis Greene
Viola nephrophylla Greene -> Viola nephrophylla Greene
Viola odorata L. -> Viola odorata L.
Viola pallens (DC.) Brainerd -> Viola minuscula Greene
Viola palmata L. -> Viola palmata L.
Viola pedata L. var. lineariloba DC. -> Viola pedata L. subsp. pedata
Viola pedatifida G. Don -> Viola pedatifida G. Don
Viola perpensa Greene -> subsect. Borealiamericanae
Viola priceana Pollard -> Viola communis Pollard f. priceana H. E. Ballard
Viola primulifolia L. -> Viola primulifolia L. [X]
Viola pubescens Aiton var. pubescens -> Viola pubescens Aiton sensu stricto
Viola pubescens Aiton var. scabriuscula Torr. & A. Gray -> Viola eriocarpa Schwein
Viola rafinesquii Greene -> Viola rafinesquei Greene
Viola rostrata Pursh -> Viola rostrata Pursh
Viola sagittata Aiton -> Viola sagittata Aiton
Viola sororia Willd. -> Viola sororia Willd.
Viola striata Aiton -> Viola striata Aiton
Viola subsinuata Greene -> Viola subsinuata Greene [X]
Viola tricolor L. -> Viola tricolor L.
Viola × wittrockiana Gams -> Viola × wittrockiana Gams

Additional taxa:
Viola × aberrans (Greene ex W.Stone) House (Viola communis Pollard × Viola fimbriatula Sm.)
Viola × abundans House (Viola fimbriatula Sm. × Viola sagittata Aiton)
Viola × angellae Pollard (Viola palmata L. var. triloba (Schwein.) Ging. × Viola subsinuata Greene)
Viola × bernardii (Greene) Greene (Viola pedatifida G. Don × Viola sororia Willd.)
Viola × bissellii House (Viola communis Pollard × Viola cucullata Aiton)
Viola × caesariensis House (Viola palmata L. var. triloba (Schwein.) Ging. × Viola sagittata Aiton)
Viola × columbiana House (Viola affinis Leconte × Viola communis Pollard)
Viola communis Pollard
Viola × conjugens Greene (Viola communis Pollard × Viola sagittata Aiton)
Viola × consocia House (Viola affinis Leconte × Viola cucullata Aiton)
Viola × consona House (Viola affinis Leconte × Viola sororia Willd.)
Viola × conturbata House (Viola cucullata Aiton× Viola sororia Willd.)
Viola × convicta House (Viola fimbriatula Sm. × Viola subsinuata Greene)
Viola × crassula Greene (Viola nephrophylla Greene × Viola sororia Willd.)
Viola × discors House (Viola affinis Leconte × Viola subsinuata Greene)
Viola × dissena House (Viola affinis Leconte × Viola sagittata Aiton)
Viola × fernaldii House (Viola fimbriatula Sm. × Viola sororia Willd.)
Viola × festata House (Viola cucullata Aiton × Viola sagittata Aiton)
Viola fimbriatula Sm.
Viola × grandis Greene (Viola communis Pollard × Viola sororia Willd.)
Viola × greenmanii House (Viola cucullata Aiton × Viola palmata L. var. triloba (Schwein.) Ging.)
Viola × hollickii House (Viola affinis Leconte × Viola fimbriatula Sm.)
Viola × indivisa Greene (Viola pedatifida G. Don × Viola pratincola Greene)
Viola × insessa House (Viola cucullata Aiton × Viola nephrophylla Greene)
Viola × lavandulacea E.P.Bicknell (Viola cucullata Aiton × Viola primulifolia L.)
Viola × mistura House (Viola sagittata Aiton × Viola subsinuata Greene)
Viola × modica House (Viola communis Pollard × Viola subsinuata Greene)
Viola × mollicula House (Viola minuscula Greene × Viola primulifolia L.)
Viola × nephrophylloides Farw. (Viola fimbriatula Sm. × Viola nephrophylla Greene)
Viola × peckiana House (Viola sororia Willd. × Viola subsinuata Greene)
Viola × populifolia Greene (Viola palmata L. var. triloba (Schwein.) Ging. × Viola sororia Willd.)
Viola × porteriana Pollard (Viola cucullata Aiton × Viola fimbriatula Sm.)
Viola pratincola Greene
Viola × robinsoniana House (Viola fimbriatula Sm. × Viola palmata L. var. triloba (Schwein.) Ging.)
Viola × ryoniae House (Viola cucullata Aiton × Viola subsinuata Greene)
Viola × sublanceolata House (Viola lanceolata L. × Viola minuscula Greene)
Viola × venustula Greene (Viola affinis Leconte × Viola nephrophylla Greene)
Viola viarum Pollard

Notes for Ballard et al. (2023):
Viola fimbriatula is a segregate of V. sagittata.
Viola palmata is further broken down into var. palmata and var. triloba.
Viola primulifolia is listed as not occurring around the Great Lakes, material instead likely being referrable to V. × sublanceolata (V. lanceolata × minuscula).
Viola subsinuata is listed as being endemic to the greater Appalachian region. There is no name to replace it for the entity in the Chicago Region, so the name is preserved for the time being.
Viola vittata is listed as being sometimes mistakenly identified from depauperate V. lanceolata material, but does not occur north of the Atlantic coastal plain.

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