Bombus pensylvanicus vs Bombus auricomus

This is part three for ID-a-thon.
This goes over pensylvanicus vs auricomus predominantly, but also touches on a couple of other species.

Updated to Google Slides which looks a lot better then it did on Google Docs and fixed a lot of the problems that I was having before. At this point I do need to add a section covering Bombus terricola.

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Wonderful guide. For me as a west coaster, one of the takeaways is that for Bombus it can be particularly useful to see an image where the abdomen is not covered by the wings. A clean view of the top of the head also appears useful.

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Thanks for the guide, and the recent ID of the auricomus from CT. I am waiting for confirmation from a few others, because it would be a very significant find for our state....last detected in 1919!

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@zarrillot Glad it could help. Just to point out, when I made these on my computer and uploaded them to Google Drive (a database that I passionately despise), it scrambled the positions of a lot of my photos, and I just noticed one I missed when I went through them trying to fix them: on the first page the picture of pensylvanicus and auricomus are switched.

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ok, thank you

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Yes, this is indeed a wonderful guide, and very helpful. Much appreciation, Ruth

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