Ichneumonid vs. Braconid - Now I finally get it!

You'd think I would have gotten around to looking this info up sooner but here it is. I knew it had to do with the wing venation but not the specific to look for. So, taking pics, try to get good ones of the wings. The hind wing is nearly impossible when they are landed but if possible, seems like the better determinant.

Ichneumonids are distinguished from their sister group Braconidae mainly on the basis of wing venation. The fore wing of 95% of ichneumonids has vein 2m-cu (in the Comstock–Needham system), which is absent in braconids. Vein 1rs-m of the fore wing is absent in all ichneumonids, but is present in 85% of braconids. In the hind wing of ichneumonids, vein rs-m joins Rs apical to (or rarely opposite) the split between veins Rs and R1. In braconids, vein rs-m joins basal to this split. The taxa also differ in the structure of the metasoma: about 90% of ichneumonids have a flexible suture between tergites 2 and 3, whereas these tergites are fused in braconids (though the suture is secondarily flexible in Aphidiinae).


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