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During a recent bioblitz at the Timberlake Biological Field Station, some of us were discussing how to access older scientific literature which might be available in digital form online. I'll have more to say in a follow-up post about my favorite archive, the Biodiversity Heritage Library,
but I thought I'd take a moment to list some other potential online archives which may be useful. Here are some I've discovered. There certainly may be others:

Google Scholar
A good starting place. The results might link to free pdf downloads, pay sites, or only literature citations without digital access, but it's pretty thorough--often too thorough, bringing up distantly related or unrelated titles. You can test it by searching for your favorite plant or animal like "Calyptocarpus vialis", "Jalisco Petrophila", or even a location like "Timberlake Biological Field Station".

JSTOR (a part of ITHAKA)
Accessing articles through their front-end search engine may involve some cost, but JSTOR downloads are available for free through many/most academic institutions (such as University of Texas, Austin Community College, etc.) and even Austin Public Library (with a library card).

The Hathi Trust Digital Library

PubMed Central
Less focused on natural history, per se, but includes many relevant journals. Their Full-Text Archive Search can bring up some surprisingly useful results:

SORA (Searchable Ornithological Research Archive)
A great resource for searching journals like The Auk, Condor, Wilson Bulletin, and a growing list of other bird-oriented publications.

Please feel free to add links to useful resources you are aware of.

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Aw man!!! I must have missed the best conversations at this gathering. Shoot. :-/

Anotado por sambiology hace cerca de 2 años

The best conversations we had were talking about you in your absence! ;-)
"Sam would know that."
"Sam would have done it this way..."
"Sam would have had a better menu." (Not really! We feasted Saturday night on just about anything/everything you could imagine.)

Anotado por gcwarbler hace cerca de 2 años

Good list! Google Scholar is a great portal to accessible scientific literature. I always start there.

Anotado por janetwright hace cerca de 2 años

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