It's that time again for student iNaturalist projects

For the fall semester I have 3 BIOL 1407 classes (structure and function of organisms). That is a total of around 70 students in the class that will be required to do some observations. This will be the 4th semester I am using iNaturalist as one of the centerpieces of my class. You can see the work of some of my other semesters along with another teacher that is using iNat in her class at:

For those of you interested in how I approach the use of iNaturalist here is the break down of the iNaturalist assignments. If you want the actual assignments then just email me and I will send them to you.

The following is a schedule from a typical 15-week semester.
Week 2: iNaturalist Lab (introduce them to iNaturalist and take a field trip to show them how to do the observations.
Week 3: Project (part 1) due. The students have to do 30 observations of any living organism following the iNaturalist guidelines.
Week 6: Project (part 2) due. The students focus on protists. They are required to bring in pond samples to labs each week until they get 15 protist observations.
Week 9: Project (part 3) due. The focus is on plants and fungi. They have to make 30 plant observations and 10 fungi observations.
Week 12: Project (part 4) due. The focus is on invertebrates. They have to make 40 invertebrate observations.
Week 15: Project (part 5) due. The focus is on vertebrates. They have to make 15 vertebrate observations.

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I also wanted to thank everyone out there in the iNaturalist community who help with the identifications and give such great feedback to the students. It is a big part of why this project is successful.

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Woo hoo! Thanks again to you big time for curating so many of these, Curtis.

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Also, an important link for identifiers:

As you'll probably go over, arguably the most important thing is photos in focus -- it takes practice, but it's essential for getting a good ID. :)

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