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as of may 2022 i've been more active on here! i focus on advancing "needs id" observations :)

my favorite things to id are black vs turkey vultures and reptiles of the southeastern united states! please feel free to tag me in a post you think i might be helpful in. if i don’t know, i will try to tag someone else that might

i am fascinated by carrion decomp, particularly animals that eat the carrion!!

if my id seems wrong, lmk and i will revisit it! i don't suggest ids i'm not confident in but i am not an expert, just here for fun, and i make mistakes sometimes 

if i ever come across as rude or condescending, that's not my intention. i'm just terrible at conveying tone properly 

tips for getting ids:

  • it's very helpful to make the most specific identification you can when posting. even something as vague as "plant" or "invertebrate" or "fish" or "tree" can be very helpful because many people only browse "needs id" posts of groups that they feel comfortable with!
  • there are also options to identify if the specimen you've posted is alive or dead, its life stage, and sex. you can also indicate that it is a bone, feather, scat, or track, which will bring the post to the attention of users who specialize in bone identification, etc.

finally, shoutout to y’all crazy knowledgeable people that can look at generic brown feathers or crusty mandibles in the leaf litter or something like that that i could never hope to id and then know all sorts of things about it. you’re carrying like half of inat lol

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