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currently seeking any+all ID guidance resources on any taxon that fulfill the following parameters:

  • not too much technical jargon
  • do not require specimen in-hand
  • compatible with average quality of iNat observations
  • free to access for all

and if possible, I'd also appreciate:

  • easy English for those who speak it as a second language
  • guides for sorting of higher taxonomic ranks
  • languages other than English

send me a PM! or tag me!


I identify primarily Euphorbia worldwide as well as doing coarse ID. I know subg. Chamaesyce and American species best. I have some knowledge of Middle Eastern species. Also trying to round out my general knowledge.

currently curious about Brachyura, but total noob


please ask me any questions you have about using iNaturalist, my IDs, etc. I get a lot of notifications so don't be shy to tag me


Black naturalists matter. I stand in solidarity with Black naturalists, Indigenous naturalists, and Naturalists of Color.
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you can call me Blue.
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(every time someone harasses me for my sexuality my profile becomes prouder+gayer :) I'm here to be the big sister of anyone who needs it. you can dm me ;)

some useful links:
workshop: Unknowns for Beginners -- please note, it's a draft so my notes are all over it
Unknowns minus Life ID
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