Taxonomic Swap 90822 (Guardado el 27/03/2021)

Kitching reversed the synonymy of Macropoliana and Poliana; both are now valid.

A global checklist of the Bombycoidea... (Referencia)
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Dear Brett

I'm not sure how you came to do this taxon swap using the Kitching list because it is the wrong way round :-( The Polianas and Macropolianas are a mess on iNat that @hkmoths was in the process of sorting out in 2017, but he also made a mistake in that swap and it has never been fixed. Poliana natalensis is not the same thing as Macropoliana natalensis because of various authors' mistakes, and the one is now Poliana gessi. The mess on iNat is so big now, that it will have to be sorted out taxonomically, and then each and every observation will have to be re-identified manually.

For African moth taxonomy we use Afromoths as our source. There are mistakes in the Kitching list!! May I suggest that if you are thinking of doing anything with the African Lepidoptera taxonomy, that you make a draft and then tag myself, @qgrobler and @wolfachim before committing any taxon changes.

Thank you :-)

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might be worth adding Jean Haxaire (@jeanhaxaire) in for sphingids

Anotado por hkmoths hace más de un año (Advertencia)

Sorry for the mess,
When I reactivated Macropoliana, I assumed that the autogenerated, implied name change from Macropoliana natalensis to Poliana natalensis in 2018 would need to be reversed.
I won't make any further changes to sphingid taxa, so feel free to reverse my incorrect swap (or make a taxon split as you implied?).
Thank you for letting me know!

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No problem, Brett. We live and learn :-)

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