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Taxonomic Split 19503 (Guardado el 26/02/2017)

Split accepted by WoRMS: The full text of the original paper is at

These two new concepts can be separated from photos. As the authors of the paper note,

the diagnostic trait separating the two morphs is not the shape of the spots, but rather the presence or absence of spots on the mantle margin: all of the ringed morphs (even those with solid spots) can be distinguished from the spotted morph by the absence of spots on the mantle margin

Here are some iNat photos that demonstrate the difference (click through for observations and photo credits):

D. odonoghuei

D. sandiegensis (sensu stricto)

Their ranges overlap, but not entirely:

D. odonoghuei is restricted to intertidal and bay habitats from Fort Bragg, California northwards, whereas D. sandiegensis is found throughout the entire region and is more common in subtidal habitats
Changing spots: pseudocryptic speciat... (Referencia)
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How do we tell these two new species apart? I seem to remember you had something about that in an older change and now I can't find it.

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Well, I took the time to read the paper and figure out how to tell them apart, so I updated the description with that. Hope you don't mind.

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