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Hi @bernardpicton responding to your direct message. I prefer to keep these conversations in comments so other curators can help. We follow WoRMs for mollusks. Please first reach out to WoRMs ( to get your desired changes made on their end. They are quite responsive and you can get quite involved curating their taxonomy directly.

If WoRMs is not responsive or won't make this change we can construct a 'deviation' from WoRMs. If/when its time to do that please flag the taxon (sensu WoRMs) you're referring to (e.g. Trapania lineata) and describe the issue and sources (e.g. remove Trapania pallida from synonym with Trapania lineata sensu WoRMs etc. following XXX) and make sure to describe the taxonomy you are trying to follow, for example how do you distinguish Trapania pallida from Trapania lineata? If by range, make sure to describe the respective ranges.

Also, please take a look at these Nudibranchs in iNat that aren't accounted for in WoRMs remember, an iNat curator's job is to curate in the direction of the reference (ie WoRMs) unless there's a deviation. So please request deviations proactively for any of these taxa since its easier to get ahead of these issues rather than after changes in the direction of WoRMs have already occurred as is the case here


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