Taxonomic Swap 100357 (Guardado el 16/10/2021)

Restoring this clade to tribe status, reflecting the current consensus from recent phylogenetic analyses.

The previous ranking of this clade as subtribe Hylastina, still found on and, reflects the "modified Wood" schema that was generally adopted after the former Family Scolytidae was demoted to a subfamily of Curculionidae (as Scolytinae). As a convention, many tribes that had been placed under Scolytidae:Scolytinae were demoted to subtribes of Scolytini. However, recent analyses have found this to be polyphyletic.

See Tom Atkinson's explanation here:

And the updated groupings for N. American species on here:

See Pistone et al. (2017) for an example of recent phylogenetic analysis supporting this change.

Molecular phylogeny of bark and ambro... (Referencia)
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