Christmas Week

The final countdown is beginning for the project and this is my second to last post. Otherwise, I'd be celebrating Christmas Adam because we all know Adam came before Eve. Corny joke but worth the pity laugh. Over the week we gathered another 21 observations that now puts us close to 850 for the project. With nine days left, we need to gather another two hundred or so to broke last year. Doesn't seem like we'll make it but this year was definitely a unique one for the project.

Observation for the week goes to @the-catfinch for a photo of a Angry Bird--, I mean Northern Pygmy-Owl on a wire. Spotted in northeastern Spokane, you can find this guys just about anywhere close to forests or mountains. They're also the most likely owl you're going to see during the day since their favorite treat is songbirds. They are also the smallest raptor in the whole project, averaging about 6 inches tall or the same size of your local House Finches or House Sparrows. Though I've seen them plenty of times, they still shock me too with their ridiculously small size. You can see the observation here:

I did my Christmas Bird Count this past Sunday and though I saw plenty of raptors, weather and distance prohibited any decent content. With the last days of the year ticking down, I would hope we can end this project with a bang. My personal goal is to find one new species so that way I can tie last year. What do you want to break?

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