Season Greetings

The first week of December is now over and it's looking to be a great month for birders and hawkwatchers. As for me, my first week gifted me with four Blue Jays, my life Harris's Sparrow and my first visual Great Horned Owl in the last couple months. We got 35 observations over the week with a variety of species with one particular individual taking the spotlight.

Observation of the week goes to @cgates326 for his photo of a sleeping Northern Saw-whet Owl that's drawing a lot of attention in central Oregon. These are by far my favorite species of owl but I've had difficulty seeing them since my last sighting in which I spotted one feasting on a vole on the white line of an Oregon highway. The lack of sightings has nothing to do with whether or not they're in the vicinity but because they are masters of hiding. If you know of any place that has trimmed spruce trees that you can walk under, look for the poop piles saw-whets will leave and look up. You may get an owl one out of ten times. Just remember to be respective of their of space and no pointing.

With a good start to December, I expect the next seven days being just as good. We will definitely see an increase of raptors if it would just snow but the future forecast doesn't seem good. Also look out for other birds. Finches are making irruptions this year and this is your best chance of seeing Hoary Redpolls, Pine Grosbeaks or Purple Finches within the project's perimeters. Good luck!

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