PNWRM Observations of the Week -- Sep 15-21

Another week done with a lot of observations. Let's see what's cool for this week!

In third place for this week, I nominate myself (Am I'm allowed to do that?) with a juvenile Western Red-tailed Hawk just taking off into the air, sighted near Vale in Malheur County, Oregon. I just took one look and I thought it had to be an honorable mention.

The second spot goes to @garth_harwood for a great photo of a Great Horned Owl in Malheur NWR in Harney County, Oregon. To me, every time I see a good owl photo, I'm completely mesmerized and fall in love with it. Great shot and I hope you can participate in the project more.

And lastly, the best shot of the week goes to @harryj37 for an outstanding photograph of a Cooper's Hawk in Deschutes County, Oregon. I think the photo is just purely jaw-dropping with the rich blue upperparts contrasting with the red background. Also how distinctly obvious of the bird's identity. Let's give this observer a warm welcome to iNaturalist and congrats on the shot.

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