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11 de junio de 2021

Main habitats in Bonamanzi

There are five main habitats in Bonamanzi - defined by the vegetation. These are shown in the map:

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09 de junio de 2021

Frogs and reptiles at Bonamanzi

With its diversity of habitats and the variety of wetlands Bonamanzi has a rich in herp fauna (frogs and reptiles).
Observations of these can be seen at:

This list is just a start - there are likely to be many more species.

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08 de junio de 2021

Bonamanzi is a bird 'hotspot'

Bonamanzi is well known for its birding. The diversity of habitats in the nature reserve attracts many species of birds. And this, in turn, attracts many 'birders'.

eBird lists 355 species of birds that have been recorded from Bonamanzi. It is listed as one of their bird hotspots.
see: https://ebird.org/hotspot/L1314001/
A checklist of the birds of Bonamanzi can be downloaded from eBird.

You can see what bird observations have been recorded for Bonamanzi in iNaturalist at

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07 de junio de 2021

Purpose of the Bonamanzi Project

To conserve an ecosystem it is important to know what species are present. Species are the 'building-blocks' of the ecosystem.

This Bonamanzi Project aims to compile a list of the species that contribute to the richness of this nature reserve.

Join this project and, should you visit Bonamanzi, add your observations. Every observation helps.

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