Tracking some of the world's biggest killers, via cellphone

Here's a neat article on how recording mosquitoes might be useful in tracking deadly mosquitoes.
Thanks for sending it to me @patsimpson2000

If you do record some mosquitoes, please make sure to post to iNaturalist too.

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Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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Oh wow, very interesting! I am going to put this in our local Audubon newsletter

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I'm new to posting up sound recordings on inaturalist and have many recordings that I can contribute. Can someone please me how to go about it or direct me to a how to link and recommend a good hosting external service that I can load from?
Thanks, Patrick.

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For mosquitoes specifically, there is a Stanord-based citizen science project all about that, called Abuzz. This link has explanations and everything you need to participate:
With regard to uploading audiofiles to iNaturalist, you basically use the same process you'd use for uploading a photograph.
If you use this link to upload,
click at upper left where it says "+Add", and you'll get a dropdown menu that includes an audiofile option.
If you use the old uploader (i still do), here:
look over at the box to the right , and notice the two tabs that say Add photos, Add sounds. I think you can figure out how to select the files on your device
If you use an app, i have no clue....

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Thanks very much Ellen. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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I record all of my stuff with my cellphone. On the project main page there is a "more journal posts" link that will go to additional posts about different software choices. With the newer cellphones there are neat options for inexpensive microphones that you plug in and really improve your recordings. I still haven't bought one but am looking into it.

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