iNaturalist User Find New Invasive Species in Florida

iNaturalist has many uses for conservation, bringing the environmental community together, seeing plant diversity, and simply cataloging plants and animals in an area. However it can also help find invasive species new to the USA and help prevent multi-billion dollar damages such as when one Miami teacher found the invasive Black Bean Bug Brachyplatys subaeneus near her classroom. This species is concerning because it can eat many of the hundreds of native species and crop species in the legume family! So be sure to know that your contributions to iNaturalist and your local EcoFlora projects are helping to protect and understand the wonderful diversity of plant life around you!

Brachyplatys subaeneus, the black bean bug, has characteristic yellow markings on the head. JADE S. ALLEN, FDACS-DPI

Link to the full article:

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