Beveridge Locks Pollution Report

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This study had two parts. To understand the population, diversity and ecology of flora and fauna present at Beveridge Locks located in Port Elmsley, Ontario, Canada by means of observational study. Which resulted in successfully determining the diversity and populations of many species of animals including avian, mammal, fish, reptile, amphibian, mollusks, macro-invertebrates and micro-invertebrates, ticks, algae, and diatoms.

Secondly, attempt to use macro-invertebrate and micro-invertebrate organisms along with algae and diatoms present at Beveridge Locks as bio-indicators to determine if a water quality and organic pollution assessment could successfully be determined

Using macro-invertebrates and micro-invertebrates and their pollution tolerance ratings along with algae and diatoms using Mervin C. Palmer’s organic pollution index method (Palmer, 1969) to determine a pollution index score. An accurate pollution index rating was achieved with a calculated score of 28. Thus, successfully confirming high organic pollution levels present at Beveridge Locks.

Further study after the fact, has led to the belief that the high organic pollution levels are coming from a point-source water sewage treatment facility located near by outside of the town of Perth, Ontario.

This study had successful results confirming the effectiveness of using macro-invertebrates, micro-invertebrates, algae, and diatoms as bio-indicators for water quality and organic pollution assessments.

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