March 23rd (rescheduled) BioBlitz cancelled

Unfortunately, we are going to cancel the BioBlitz for this blooming season. I didn't get the memo that mother nature had the sprinklers set to run every Saturday, so we are once again rained out by 90% chance of thunderstorms. Next weekend is predicted to be the same.

Please review the links post for the training information and links to maps of where we are needing searchers to check.

If there is interest, I can arrange a short webinar to talk through the information about identifying Amenones and locations to check. Comment below if you would like to be notified. It will depend on the number of interested participants.

Thank you to everyone who planned to join us! We will try for the BioBlitz again next year!

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I would love a webinar if it garners enough interest!

Anotado por lulubelle hace mas de 4 años

I'm also interested!

Anotado por wildcarrot hace mas de 4 años

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