08. DatabaseRecht adding ".json" to the URL to see the placeholde org/observations/15842355.json


@ahospers - adding ".json" to the URL to see the placeholder, even after it has been overwritten by a new ID, appears to work. See: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/15842355.json

Your placeholder (Klein kaasjekruid) is there.

You might need to download a json viewer as a browser extension for better formatting. I appear to already have one installed (in Firefox) so it is easy to view the page data


GBIF has a different taxonomic backbone than iNaturalist. This kind of
'fuzzy matching' or rolling names up to the finest common ancestor is
common (e.g. if GBIF can't find Genus1 species2 they'll role it up to
Genus1). If you want the 'raw' iNat data from GBIF you can download
the iNat “source archive” (our URL) or the GBIF annotated archive here


It's been discussed - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/inaturalist/placeholder%7Csort:date/inaturalist/RIphMADpjug/QaB3OORdAQAJ I would just suggest not using placeholders if possible



Andre, looks like EU copyright updates have not been finalized, so I can't comment on their implications, though if that article is accurate, it seems even more poorly-conceived than the GDPR. If / when it becomes law in the EU our lawyers will advise us on what it means for iNaturalist.

Copyright and other intellectual property rights issues are not the same as privacy, so the Privacy Policy doesn't really have much to say about who can copy the creative works you willingly publish. To answer your questions, though,

How is it with observations?

It varies by jurisdiction. Generally, the parts of an observation that represent facts about the world (coordinates, date, etc) are not subject to copyright, though the EU does have IP protections for collections of facts that the US does not (the classic court case in the US involved copying a phone book, which is apparently legal in the US but perhaps not in the US). If you wrote a description with your observation, though, that could be subject to copyright as it could be considered a creative work. That's why we provide CC licensing options for both observations and photos.

GBIF always get the observations in iNaturalist or only the research grade observations ? And it does not matter on which License model you use ?

The archive we create for GBIF to consume includes all Research Grade observations with CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-NC licenses and their associated CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-NC photos (actually we just include the URLs to the photos). So yes, only Research Grade, and yes, your license choice matters.

If i change an observation, improve an ID the GBIF does not get an update i guess?

Yes, GBIF gets this updated data the next time they ingest the archive.

And with R an Rsciopen and the iNaturalist API everybody can read the data?
API consumers can only read the data everyone else can see on the website. You can see what that looks like by using the API yourself, e.g. http://api.inaturalist.org/v1/observations[/blockquote]

If you have further questions that don't involve privacy, please send them to help@inaturalist.org





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