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A real-time, online checklist program, Vermont eBird ( has revolutionized the way that the Green Mountain birding community reports and accesses information about birds. Launched in 2004, Vermont eBird provides rich data sources for basic information on bird abundance and distribution. Consider entering your birdwatching checklists on Vermont eBird.

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I have had a few people ask if they should enter bird data on both Vermont eBird and here on the Vermont Atlas of Life. I recommend that you enter your complete bird checklists on Vermont eBird. There is no need to enter data on both sites.

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I wish there were a way to see the ebird data on iNaturalist though it might be overwhelming if everyone dumped their entire checklists here.

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eBird is kind of different. We really like to get complete checklists in eBird for a location and we really like time and/or distance to be recorded too. It is more of a monitoring system in many ways. Although, it will take single sightings too of course. The Vermont site gets thousands of records a month. We get about 2.5 million birds counted a year now in Vermont alone in the database. I think it would be overwhelming for iNaturalist. They are complimentary but slightly different tools for us.

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Yeah, that makes sense. I mean I haven't really used eBird but it does sound like it might not be good for everyone to upload all that data to iNaturalist, at least if the project continues to expand. Pretty neat that you have that much bird data though! I hope to get more people excited about plants and natural communities in the same way.

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I've been using eBird to log my observations for a few years now, and highly recommend it. It has many tools that make reviewing your data and everyone's sightings very easy... first arrivals, distribution of a species over the last 2 months or for any time frame, even get reports of your sightings. The BirdLog NA iPhone app is pretty good too, but you can't yet import your personal locations. For now, I'm manually entering my "Best of Bird" photos and their metadata; at 10 minutes per entry, this system and my internet connection will probably take me a year to enter the natural world I've photographed.

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