Yung-Lun Lin

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My name is Yung-Lun Lin. I'm from Taiwan. My hometown is Yilan County. When I was a child, my family guide me to take the first step into observing nature. Because they often take me hiking in the suburbs of Yilan during holidays. Although my family was not familiar with biology or ecology, under the subtle influence, I began to become interested in nature observation.

I work for the Taiwan Biodiversity Research Institute (TBRI). During my master's degree, I studied Pelophylax fukienensis. Therefore, amphibians and reptiles are the biological groups that I am more familiar with.

我是來自宜蘭(Yilan County)的林湧倫,從小就喜愛踏青,並與家人踏足遍蘭陽在地淺山的健行步道,潛移默化下逐漸培養起自然觀察的興趣,故於退伍後重拾開卷,想充實自己的生態相關知識,於碩士時期是研究金線蛙Pelophylax fukienensis而正式開啟新的階段(兩棲類與爬行類的領域),迄今研究兩棲、爬行類約10年,現任職於農業部生物多樣性研究所 the Taiwan Biodiversity Research Institute (TBRI)(2019~迄今)。


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