Youth Circle for Mother Earth

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Gam nah dop nin - Wa’tkwanonhwerá:ton’ - Tungasugit - Bienvenue - Welcome!

This is the collective account of the Youth Circle for Mother Earth project, a cross-cultural network of young Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders becoming lifelong ambassadors for nature and conservation.

We aim to revitalize our relationship with Mother Earth and protect our lands, airs and waters for future generations through cross-cultural knowledge sharing, ethical dialogue, youth leadership and community engagement.

Here, we will share our Coordinating Circle's observations as a means of highlighting biodiversity across Ontario.

Follow us on Instagram (@youthcircleformotherearth), visit us at or watch our introductory video to find out more:

Miigwech - niá:wen - nakurmiik - merci - thank you!

*The above translations may differ from other Ojibwe, Kanien'kéha and Innuktitut dialects, and reflect the languages spoken by members in the Coordinating Circle.

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