Wendy Anderson

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My name is Wendy Anderson and I am excited to introduce myself as the Texas Nature Tracker Biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife! I am passionate about conservation, and over the years my career, academics, activities, and research have revolved around GIS, endangered species conservation, flora and fauna surveys, outdoor education, habitat management, restoration, and ecology.

With the Landscape Ecology Program at TPWD, working as a Botanist and the GIS Analyst/Botanist, I conducted botanical surveys throughout Texas, identified habitat for endangered species using remote sensing techniques, and gave technical training and presentations for citizen/community science projects. Specifically, I conducted botanical surveys in the Panhandle, north Texas, coastal plains, and blackland prairies.

My previous field work includes grassland plants, grassland birds, fish, northern hardwood forests, cray fish, and dung beetles. I have a passion for flora, fungi, and birds. I studied biology and Spanish at Indiana University, and have a dual masters degree from Indiana University in Environmental Science and Public Affairs. I am looking forward to contributing to the iNaturalist community and learning from everyone's expertise.

I became a Texas Master Naturalist in 2021 :)

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