Tasha Patterson

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I currently live in The Colony, TX and I am a member of the class of 2020 of the Texas Master Naturalist Program in the Blackland Prairie Chapter. It has completely charged my views on the environment around me.

My husband and I bought 24 acres of wooded property in September 2019 in Tolosa, TX (near Seven Point / Mabank / Gun Barrel City). After trying to figure out what we had, we figured out it is a huge work in progress from a nature standpoint - so many Honey Locust and so so much green briar! You are welcome to check it out if you want to see perhaps the largest collection of weeds in all of Texas! The property was part of a 93 acre tract that was in the same family for 160 years and used to be a working farm. We love it and are trying to create a great place for wildlife to live and hope they will let us join them in a few years.

I'm also a very enthusiastic knitter.

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