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I am fond of reptiles of the Palaearctic and moths. I am soil scientist, graduate of the Faculty of Soil Science of Moscow State University. Reptiles keeper.
Snakes: Elaphe (E. Dione, E. Sauromates, E. Climacophora, E. Schrenckii), Gloydius (G. Ussuriensis), Dolichophis (D. schmidti), Vipera (V. Renardi), Natrix (N. Tessellata, N. Natrix ssp. persa), Hemorrhois (H. ravergieri).
Lizards - Timon lepidus, Anguis Colchica (Turkey), Eublepharis macularius
Link to my observations that need identification.

Link to the observations of the project, about the biodiversity of the Dubrovitsky forest, which require identification:

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