Finn Davey

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Hey-yo, I'm Finn

I'm a young birder, photographer and film maker interested in Ornithology and a bit of Entomology too. Also campaign manager for Black-billed Gull in Bird of the Year.

My expertise here is mainly around New Zealand birds, but I know a few other bits and bobs about other NZ fauna and flora.

Feel free to tag me in observations for help or to improve an ID.
Although I usually stick to NZ, I do have some knowledge of bird species from other Pacific and Australasian regions + Hawai'i.

Going into my second year of study at Massey University, Wellington. Taking their Creative Media Production courses to peruse my interests in film making and story telling.

My future goals is to be able to use my skills to tell interesting stories and help inform others on environmental and science issues.

I'm also a photographer and enjoy photographing New Zealand's wildlife and sharing them on my Instagram (finndavey_wildlife_photography).

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