Alexandra Noyes

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Thank you for being interested in my special interest, because my kids are OVER IT. Hence, the iNat name switch from noisylittlescientists. My DOG, however, is a delightful assistant where & when permitted. His name is Milo, and you can see his beach photos on my Instagram page, also called skatingflamingo,

I am self taught. I may be incorrect, or, I may very well know something obscure but not much more basic info, because my favorite part is searching for weird & hard-to-find things. I also have a soft spot for common names that sound like Shakespearean insults, like the Marbled Godwit.

I am happy to help ID as I can or chat. I love to play tour guide when it comes to OC so feel free to ask for tips and/or company!

I also ran a 4-H snail project and am always glad to share my materials.

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