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I'm a biologist from Southern California. I like organisms. I especially like looking for rare birds, Calochortus , monkeyflowers, fungi, herps, galls, lady beetles, interesting weeds, etc.

Feel free to tag me for California bird/herp/vascular plant IDs (or other stuff, but no promises) and/or ask ID questions (that I may not know the answers to, but I'll do what I can to point you towards other resources/users).

My main areas of ID expertise are birds, plants, and herps (of California). Most of my field work has involved bird surveys and botanical surveys. I've also worked on projects involving insects, freshwater fish, reptiles, amphibians, fungi, terrestrial mammals, and marine mammals. I also spent about 6 years working in avian and botanical specimen collections ( and the UCSC natural history museum: I've gone from field jobs to non-profit work to private consulting work and then back to non-profit work, and I currently work for the California Native Plant Society (

Note: Some of my photographs include plucked/pulled/salvaged/netted/dead organisms (usually plants or birds, rarely other stuff). Some of my work involves capturing and marking birds as well as collecting plant/fungal or other voucher specimens. In most cases, dead organisms are deposited in museums/herbaria for research purposes

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