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I always loved Nature since I was a child. My childhood and adolescence were unusual according to the italian customs: trekking in the Alps for 2 months every summer (sincerly, I've dreamed swimming in the sea sometimes!), exciting camping up to 2800mt (the constellations are amazing and you can see perfectly the Milky Way), observing the elusive Alpine fauna and the endemic Alpine plant species. Well, I can't escape the passion for Nature! Getting on in years, I wanted to increase my knowledge in the natural sciences and then I studied at the Scientific High School (a type of secondary school of 5 years, in Italy). After I graduated from the Natural Science University of Pisa last year and today I'm finishing my specialist degree in Conservation and Evolutionary Biology of Pisa. I took part in several conservation projects as volunteer and for my two thesis (I studied the Alpine ibex in Gran Paradiso National Park-summer 2013, for the Bachelor degree- and the Apennine chamois in Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park-summer 2014, for the Master of Science degree). Despite my recurring experiences in mountain environments, I like a lot the sea (I live near the sea and I have a deep bond with it). In fact, I have the scuba diving and I do immersions during summer (everytime I can!).

I never stop learning something new about Nature and this is what I really like of natural sciences (there's always something that surprises you!).
Then please, help me to identify my species and let me know everything about yours!

Good luck!

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