Robert G. Buckert

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Hello! My name is Robert Buckert and I have been interested in birds and birding since I was 15 months old. I am currently 19 years old (b. 2003). Undergrad environmental science major @ SUNY Brockport. I am secretary of the RBA (Rochester Birding Association), a founding member of the ROC (Rochester) Young Birders, and former Secretary and President of the NYSYBC (New York State Young Birders Club). I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. This is also where I spend the majority of my birding time, but I will bird anywhere I go. I primarily use eBird to keep track of my sightings and lists. I have created this account because I would like to acquire more knowledge in other fields of wildlife. I love being in nature whenever I can. Fishing, birding, kayaking, canoeing, etc. Now, with this site, I will be able to make even more of those experiences and tally more than just birds. I can't wait for what this site has in store for me!

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