Derrick Wales

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A lifelong student and learner, I joined iNaturalist to share my earth and life science obsessions. A jack of all trades and master of none, I have spent considerable time and effort researching and learning as much as I could across a wide spectrum of science subjects including meteorology, chemistry, life sciences, climatology, medicinal and culinary herbs, genetics, geology, psychology, entomology, and ornithology.

I am always looking to work with, network, and assist in any scientific endeavors I come across. I've spent my entire career working in computer sciences and engineering, but hope to transition to (or hybridize my skillset with) natural sciences, research, and conservation.

I usually go on trips through forests or other remote, natural locales to identify as many species as I can. Generally, this means out in the middle of nowhere with very little cell signal so it is entirely possible I upload 20+ observations with no pictures. I always add pictures where missing once I return from my trips.

As mentioned, jack of all trades but no master. I sometimes misidentify so please reach out or provide a more accurate analysis if ever needed. I take no offense.

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