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I was born 1940 in Ravenna Province, Italy. My interests from childhood for Natural Science (particularly Flora, Geology, entomology (Lepidoptera), Paleontology), archeology (with good pluriannual good experience on field from Paeolitic to Roman times. Macro photography. My studies: scientific liceo and Industrial chemistry in Milano University; owing to difficulties in chance to operate into the field of theoretical chemical research (my primary interest) I convert my activity in technical planning (mechanical) and finally in financial field with managerial mansion.
Hobbies and sports: cycling, running when young, then rally racing (twice second place in Nat.Trophies with non opted opportunity to enter in official team), later mountain bike (regional champion in category) and finally cross country ski (European Ch. (cat. age) 2011 Euroloppet long distance races. I live in Appennini Mts. near Bologna. In point of Lepidoptera I am an amateur with much to learn....

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