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I'm Kevin Lagan O'Riordan. Amateur and budding naturalist.

I have a Master's in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School. My career is focused on the legal side of nature and I do my best to further the inclusion of ecology and sound decision making into public land management. Currently, I am a Land Law Examiner with the Bureau of Land Management.

In my personal life I enjoy exploring nature with my wife (a travelling nurse). Sometimes we hike fast and enjoy views/landscape scale. Sometimes we trek slow and enjoy identifying tree/mushroom species. I have a few years experience tracking animals as well. However, as we move around the country so much, I struggle with comfortably identifying species in ecosystems, as we are visitors and simply passing through.

Goals: expand my knowledge as an amateur naturalist and use this site to further my relationship with nature. I hope to gain more fundamental skills as an amateur naturalist.

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