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Ancient. Forest. Hunting.

Calling all Citizen Scientists!

@oldgrowthtaskforce is on the Hunt to document species in At Risk Ecosystems, Ancient Primary Forests and the unique regions of the Interior Temperate Rainforest!

Dr. Dominick Dellasala, UNBC and leading scientist have given the Northern BC Interior Wet Belt -at the given rate of deforestation- 9 to 18 years before many vital areas collapse if logging practices do not change. This is a call to action!

Please See...!
Study: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-445X/10/8/775
Article: https://thenarwhal.ca/bc-old-growth-inland-rainforest-study-2021/
University News: https://www2.unbc.ca/newsroom/unbc-stories/scientists-warn-bc-inland-temperate-rainforest-risk-collapse-new-study

Citizen Science! We can make a difference!

With BC Old Growth deferrals on the table there is a potential for many unrecognized areas of the Interior to stand out and be protected -coupled with an imminent ecosystem collapse- the time is now for Citizen Scientists to get out and Document, Document, Document!

Want to make real landscape level changes to logging in your area for conservation? We have the tools to help you!

From the smallest of Mycorrhizae to the largest of Watersheds, it is all connected to the First Nation Stewards and majestic mega-fauna who have called this land home since before the end of the Ice Age and beyond. OGTF's The Big Picture Project 2023 is a photo doc. project aimed at highlighting this very special swath of Mountain chains, Forests, Rivers, Wildlife and their connection to the people of the land before many key species and places of interest potentially become lost to us forever!

Earth is currently undergoing it's 6th major extinction event, and British Columbia, Canada, is not exempt from this. Be it Caribou or Lichen, Ancient Cedars or entire Watersheds; from never before discovered Rainforest species to languages from time immemorable, this event is closer to home in Canada than one might imagine.

Old Growth Task Forces -The Big Picture Project 2023- is making the connections through Citizen Science, Photography and Social Media in an effort to bring this region to light!

The Big Picture Project: Documenting British Columbia's Interior Temperate Rainforest

Help us help you protect what's left of the Northern Interior Wet Belt, the rare Inland Temperate Rainforest and all things remarkable in BC's undervalued and underrepresented areas of the Interior!

Check out our Big Tree/Forest Hunter Toolkits, Map Compendiums, Tips & Tricks for finding Old Growth, strategic approaches and much much more!

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