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The natural world fascinates and inspires me. I spend most of my free time outside photographing what I see and returning home with more questions than answers. I love gathering edible wild plants, and enjoy saltwater spearfishing. My favorite place to be is in the water, particularly the ocean. I prefer freediving for the mobility, but will scuba dive when in deeper water. I'm accident-prone, so I take a water-proof camera wherever I go.

I was a naturalist/outdoor science teacher in Southern California. Now I share my passion for science as a classroom teacher in Florida. I've conducted a few plant surveys in various locales in the US.

My favorite US states to explore are Hawaii, Alaska, California, Florida, Utah, Maine, Arizona, and Wyoming. I've also travelled to Greece, Germany, Bali, Canada, and Mexico.

Thanks to all the folks who have helped ID or verify organisms for me!

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