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[aug 10 2023]

Help I'm being held hostage and forced to upload everything from the past three years .. !!

(moving target) (this will probably take a long time) ((taking a break from going chronologically to upload the mycoblitz week!! no way am i passing up free sequencing))

But really at this point I just realize I need something to show for where I've been and what I've seen and learned (or haven't learned, honestly). There's some sense of stability and urgency that wasn't there before, as I watch places I cherish get devoured by various forces (phrag, senseless large scale herbicide applications, more phrag, senseless large scale construction projects...........phrag...) ((speaking of, consider observing within the area delineated by this project . it's not sad. it's necessary. #1 rule of conservation. much harder to save things when we don't know they're there))

I just want to focus on getting things up so I probably won't ID/annotate/geolocate all of them to the best of my ability, but have a project to stick things into that I want to come back to. And I will not get distracted by plants I now see I missed in the background. IDs for others/checking notifications may also not happen very much (not that they've been happening for the past few months...) If you want to be sure i see something, just send me a message for the time being.

Ok that's all for now go have fun and remember to get the underside of the mushroom thank you !!

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