Morgan Rodenborg

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Hello! I'm a high schooler from central Minnesota. I started birding in fall of 2021 and I'd like to say I've started to get pretty good at it, but there's certainly a lot I have yet to learn. I initially started using Seek to help with identifying things and have been using iNat for around a year now.

I'm mostly interested in the birds we find in our region, but I'm always up for learning something new about nature, whether it be feathers or fungi.

Feel free to @ me if you think I gave an incorrect ID or are questioning one of my IDs, I'm sure I make mistakes sometimes but I try to learn from them.

“Man feels himself an infinity above those creatures who stand, zoologically, only one step below him, but every human being looks up to the birds.
They seem to us like emissaries of another world which exists about us and above us, but into which, earth-bound, we cannot penetrate. It is not the strength of the lion that we give to angels, but wings.”
-Donald Culross Peattie


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