Mona Phipps

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I have been fascinated by nature as long as I can remember. I have a new exciting experience nearly every day.
I live in Denmark, and I take photos of all "natural wonders" around my homestead and fields. I take pictures because I like to put a name to my "experiences" - observations. Using iNaturalist I can contribute to the bigger picture of biodiversity, both locally and regionally.
Every year I travel to foreign destinations - therefore iNaturalist is very handy compared to other net based registration sites, that are geographical "narrow".
I am by no means "professional" in the field. MSc (Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development).

Biodiversitet (Naturens Mangfoldighed) er fascinerende. Jeg har hele livet iagttaget naturens små og store forunderligheder.

Nu, da man med iNaturalist kan lære en masse nyt, er det endnu mere motiverende at gå i detaljer og tage billeder.

Mona Phipps
MSc (Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development)

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