Molly Jacobson

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I am the pollinator ecologist at SUNY-ESF's Restoration Science Center. My primary focus is on native bees and other wild pollinators, though I am familiar with most insect taxa. I have performed research on bumblebee declines at the University of New Hampshire under Dr. Sandra Rehan and my M.S. at SUNY-ESF examined effects of wetland restoration and management on native bees and syrphid flies. I am also an avid birdwatcher.
I use writing and photography to perform outreach and education about pollinators, birds, native gardening, and the natural world to wide audiences, such as through webinars, workshops, lectures, guided walks, popular articles, non-personal interpretation (e.g., brochures, booklets), and social media. Please feel free to reach out with any interest or questions you may have.
More of my insect photos can be found on BugGuide, where I am a contributing editor:
I am also on eBird:
...As well as Xeno-Canto, BumblebeeWatch (expert identifier), and LinkedIn.
My website (still being updated):
I am from southern New Hampshire but for the time being I am based in central New York.
At this time, I'm not prepared to migrate the 5000+ photos I have on BugGuide over here, so I'll only post older sightings if they are notable. My goal on iNat is to help fill in range gaps for native pollinators, so in general I mostly post underrepresented or rare species, or sightings for specific projects.
I am the main compiler for the New Hampshire bee species checklist.
As a good rule of thumb for anyone on here, please don't agree with my IDs unless you can verify them yourself! I occasionally glance at a photo too quickly and might make an error, and if so please let me know.

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