Julien Piolain

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French generalist naturalist based in French Guiana - 22 years old.

After a master's degree in field ecology in Montpellier University (french mediterranean coast), I worked for a bird conservation association (GEPOG) in French Guiana and I am now conducting various small studies and projects on biodiversity in FG within an engineering office (Antilles-Guyane Environnement, A.G.E).

Main interests on :

  • Birds and butterflies in French Guiana ;
  • Birds, Lepidoptera, Odonata and Orthoptera in France ;

But also knowledges on reptiles and amphibians, non-flying mammals and other taxa in entomology in both areas, with a growing interest for botany during the past few years.

I only use iNaturalist to store my naturalist pictures, to get some advice and feedback on observations I'm not confident about, and when database that offers the possibility to share naturalist data without picture don't exist in the place I am for a given taxa.

As a consequence most of my naturalist data are on other databases:

I'm doing my best to avoid duplicates between all those databases but unfortunately with time several thousands were created...

As each naturalist data is important to improve our knowledge on species, especially in the actual context of global biodiversity loss, I'm always searching for naturalist data from French Guiana that are not shared on any online database to make them integrate GBIF (https://www.gbif.org/) and INPN (https://inpn.mnhn.fr/accueil/index/) systems.

So if you have some, and more generally if you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact me! :)

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