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Tips for beginning insect-watchers:

  • It's not important (at least not to science) that observations be uploaded quickly or that they be identified quickly to any particular level, let alone to species-level. When it comes to insect ID, although there are sometimes more important things than being right, being fast isn't one of them.
  • Please be considerate when uploading observations. The more one accepts CV suggestions automatically without thinking or looking, especially on so-so views of small insects, the more of one's IDs will be way off and/or too specific, and the more time other people must spend correcting them or moving them to higher levels.

I live in Houston, TX, USA, and am interested mostly in birds and insects. My iNat observations and IDs are almost exclusively of insects.

I'm an insect generalist with an affinity for leafhoppers, plant bugs, green lacewings, and aphelinid/encyrtid wasps, along with any lep or ode I've never seen before.

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