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I worked as a clinical microbiologist / technical coordinator way back when in the Dept of Infectious Diseases at a renowned cancer center in NYC. Adventures into the unknown and scary world where previously non-pathogenic organisms became opportunistic pathogens in men. This included bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, and research on Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex as an opportunistic pathogen in what we now know were AIDS patients. I’ve found that my dormant genus/species ID mind and ability to focus attention on minute visual details clicked into auto mode when I started on iNaturalist.
I’ve been playing in the dirt trying to make things grow since I was a child. Xeriscape has interested me since I lived out west many years ago. Weeds are my current interest - some find a home in my yard if they’re not too invasive and add interesting texture and color.
I currently work as a spiritual director and enneagram coach.

*Why didn’t I add a reason why I disagreed with your ID?*
I try to add reasons, but increasingly unable to add more than a short phrase, and at times nothing, due to the tremendous numbers of Eupatorium (Bonesets), Eutrochium (Joe-Pye Weeds), and sect. Anisophyllum (sandmats) needing reliable identification. If you @ me, I will be grateful for your question and respond.

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