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Just a novice naturalist with a small patch of native plants on my terrace. All sorts of bees, hover flies and assorted ‘bugs,’ show up from time to time, but a few steadfast Bumbles, and honey bees make regular visits. An ‘accidental’ planting of decorative oregano kicked off my venture into planting for pollinators, they love it, but it's a rare herb, hard to find. Since then I've been planting sometimes successfully, sometimes not, native, or near native plants that might thrive in this extreme environment. Finally I care profoundly about saving their tiny, but vastly important, lives. It’s gratifying to see a post on Insta, or FB, iNaturalist and projects, get recognition. And my tiny plot now has BEE-SAFE Certification @www.newyorkbeesanctuary. :)

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