Frank Ziegler

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Amateur Herpetologist and Ichthyologist. Work for Iowa Department of Natural Resources as a Fisheries Technician, and as a volunteer conducting Frog Call Surveys, helping with mammal, Odonata and herpetological surveys. have worked with the St. John's Outdoor University as the Herpetological Survey Coordinator and volunteer, working on habitat restoration, controlled burns, and presenting on herps. Worked for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a Fisheries Technician, Vegetation Specialist, and Volunteer Frog Surveyor. Have presented on herps to Minnesota and Chicago Herpetological Societies, and to schools, scout groups, and at expositions. Have presented with live animals, and multimedia. Have identified rare ferns in Northern Minnesota while working for the DNR and have documented frogs in counties that they were previously unknown in in Iowa and Minnesota. Also studied European species, especially herps, while studying in Austria in 2001 and working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania, 2005-2007. Currently living in Central Iowa. Enjoy herping, fishing, hiking, and wildlife photography. Take pictures of any wildlife I think is interesting.

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