Zachary Robertson

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I am a 14 year old aspiring marine biologist, with general interest in the NZ marine environment, although I tend to focus on small benthic fish (Blennies, clingfish ect...)

Why I am adding ID's to old observations?
- I am going through observations of NZ marine life an
adding ID's to them even if they are reasearch grade
- I often find mistakes in the observations, therefore I
correct them, also if they ID is correct I will agree to
solidify the ID as I know it is correct

I also take the time to read a lot of information on NZ marine life

I spend a lot of time snorkelling, or exploring intertidal zones in search of marine life.

Observe 15 new species of fish
Get 100 species in each of the respective projects (Cape Rodney - Okakari point marine reserve, Tawharanui marine reserve, Long Bay - Okura marine reserve)
Find 1 species of brotula

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