Enrique Baquero

Unido: 16.ago.2016 Última actividad: 17.jul.2021 Natusfera

Scientific interest: Animal Biology (Zoology), Animal Taxonomy (Collembola, Hymenoptera: Mymaridae), Entomology, Soil Biology and Ecology, Forestal science (Protection). Unesco codes: 240114, 241301, 310606. Collaborator in the project «Iberfauna» (http://iberfauna.mncn.csic.es/). Participate in Revegetation Projects, production of singular or special plant for use in reforestation, and Soil and Forestal Ecology research. Other research acticities: with other researchers of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Navarra, responsible of scientific reports required by particulars, enterprises and other entities. As something different of the scientific papers, these reports have always confidential status and its information is not public, with exception of a express licence of the contractor: analysis of products with infestation (food, wood, crops); analysis of products with parasitisms (meat, fish); other question in relation with animals (http://www.unav.edu/en/web/identificacion-de-animales/inicio).
Academic activity: currently responsible of the Subjects: Ecology II, Applied Animal Biodiversity, Zoology methods, and some sessions about Zoology and Animal Biology (Alpine and Atlantic Landscapes; Coastal and Fluvial Landscapes; Mediterranean, Semiarid and Urban Landscapes.
Since the academic season 2009-2010 belongs to the educational equipment and the Academic Staff of the master «Biodiversity, Landscapes and Sustainable Management» (http://www.unav.edu/en/web/master-en-biodiversidad-paisajes-y-gestion-sostenible), that claim the formation of the persons interested in developing its professional future in relation to the Environment in the Administration or in the private sector; actually is the Head Coordinator of this Program. Divulgation: conferences about Biodiversity, Urban Fauna, or Entomology (Insects and related groups).

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