Dustin ("Dusty") Rhoads

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In December 2019, I finished my Masters of Science degree in the Biology Department of TCU in Ft. Worth, Texas. My thesis research was on "the ecology of Texas Horned Lizards in small Texas towns", specifically quantifying their percent camouflage across their range, and how these data may be applied for conservation by landowners, ranch managers, zoos, other researchers, and state wildlife agencies.

I'm currently (2021) working on a book for TCU Press about prairie habitat restoration for Texas Horned Lizards. Aside from that, my research interests are presently focused on American prairie connectivity and restoration, and concealing coloration of Chihuahuan Desert herpetofauna. I've authored a book on Desert Ratsnakes, "The Complete Suboc", and a number of herpetological papers, notes, and articles.

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